Ubrosian Kingdom

The Ubrosian Kingdom is a culture that would be equal to the history of the Inuit, and Scandinavian people had they united as one kingdom.


  • Norse, Some Shamanism

Name Generators for characters:

  • Inuit: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/inuit-names.php


  • Icelandic: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/icelandic-names.php
  • Norse: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/mongolian-names.php
  • Viking: http://fantasynamegenerators.com/viking_names.php
  • Scandinavian: http://www.atlantagamer.org/iGM/RandomNames/index.php

Some Major accomplishments of the…


  • Made advancements in language (runes), mythology, home building, brewing, woodworking, and agriculture.
  • The Norse longships, both the “knarr” and the “drakkar” are really incredible feats of naval engineering.

Inut Culture

  • Inuit art, carving, print making, textiles and Inuit throat singing,

Ubrosian Kingdom

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