Narrow Burrows

Narrow Burrows

The forest that surrounded Naphthalene is slowly reforming and regrowing. When the mountain erupted, the ash, force of heat, lava, and power of the eruption collapsed the great forest that was once called Zyeph Woodland. Many of the Forest Gnomes and other communities (plants and animals) that called the forest home were decimated.

Locals; Forest Gnomes

This was equally devastating to the Forest Gnomes as they had lost their ability to travel though the Feywild Gates and were cut off from their roots and suffered a profound loss. This resulted in in the survivor falling into 2 distinct views (see Factions below).

While there are several pockets of gnome settlements, all gnomes only refer to the settlement called the Narrow Burrows.

Narrow Burrows Settlement

It is a large gnome settlement that is a sight to behold. Close to the edge of the forest, the lava flow from the mountain traveled some 100 miles before stalling. The area surrounding the now cooled/hardened Obsidian rock is a mixture of densely green plants and a grove of new and some old Maple Trees. The Narrow Burrows get’s its name form the chanel of lava flow (a narrow one) and the way that the locals have “burrowed” into the Obsidian to create structures/buildings. Even the Dwarves and Elves will nod their heads in acknowledgment to the artistry.

Fanned out from the obsidian structures, are a mixture of districts and buildings that create an open and “melting pot” feel to the city. Dwarves, Elves, Humans and Halfling alike can find a place to rest and swear that they are back within their own homes.


  • The Frontiersman – seeking ways and relationships to help reclaim the glory of old by looking into the future.
  • The Guardians – Securing their homelands and rebuilding, while seeing the ability to reforge the power to walk into the Feywild once more.

Narrow Burrows

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